A volunteer role with us is your chance to give something back to your community, and a chance to change the lives of our companions by working directly alongside them.

You may already have skills that could help us, or you may wish to gain skills whilst volunteering with us, in order to help you – enhancing your work experience or CV or simply giving you confidence. If you don’t have the relevant skills we will be happy to guide and teach you.

You may want to help out in one of our shops, drive a van or help in our eBay shop. We are also open to offers of volunteering involving the running of our home and garden, particularly where you have a skill you can teach to our companions. All roles help us raise vital funds for the running of the charity or enhance the lives of our companions.

Volunteering has proven to be good for your health & wellbeing. By joining us, you will feel part of our team, make new acquaintances and friends, whilst making a difference to the lives of others.

To find out more about the roles we offer, click the buttons below or complete the form here and we’ll get in touch!

Do you have a talent or skill you wish to teach companions at Emmaus?
Share your skills with our companions

Do you have a talent or skill you wish to teach companions at Emmaus?

Do you have a talent or skill you would like to teach companions at Emmaus Hertfordshire? As well as our open volunteer opportunities, we are always looking for volunteers that can teach companions skills that will help them in the future or train them in a certain area of employment.

Workshop: Could you teach our companions upholstery, wood work, upcycling, recycling, arts & crafts, painting, decorating, tiling?

Retail: Could you teach our companions merchandising techniques, customer service skills, how to deal with complaints, or how to work as part of a team?

Life skills: Could you teach our companions budgeting skills, gardening skills, cooking and healthy eating skills, interview skills, or how to search for jobs?

Fitness & Sport: Could you coach our companions in a sport such as football, yoga, running, or general fitness?

If you are interested in using your skills to support Emmaus Hertfordshire, complete the form here, call us on 01727 817294 or email us at [email protected].