We make a significant contribution to keeping things out of landfill, which benefits the environment.

Re-using an item of furniture saves the energy associated with manufacturing a new one, which has an enormous and positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions.  It also gives a whole new purpose to an item which may be finished with by one person but which still has plenty of life left in it.

Our workshop

Our workshop provides companions with the opportunity to not only gain new skills by learning how to upcycle second-hand furniture, but it helps to save unnecessary items from going to landfill.

All items that are upcycled and restored in the workshop go on sale in our shops to help raise money to support our community, which is home to up to 36 people working hard to rebuild their lives following homelessness.

The upholstery room

The upholstery room

The upholstery service is run by a volunteer and some of our companions who are living and working at Emmaus Hertfordshire. The service was launched as a way to restore old and worn furniture that has been donated to us, giving them a new lease of life. All restored items are sold in our five charity shops to help raise vital funds to continue providing a home for up to 39 companions.

Why buy new?

Why buy new?

Why buy new when you can restore, recycle and re-use?

Our shops are full of great items, at even better prices, all perfect for customers with an interest in upcycling.

Our shops

“Knowing I have added value to an item is a great feeling. I have been in the shops when some of my upholstered chairs have been sold and I was really pleased to see that.”

Rosemary, Emmaus Hertfordshire companion.