Would you like to join our community?

  • Do you want to do something different with your life?
  • Do you want to help others while helping yourself?
  • Are you willing to work as a volunteer to the best of your ability to improve your life and that of those around you?
  • Are you willing to take responsibility for making good things happen?
  • Are you looking for a challenge?

If so, we can offer you;

  • Access to meaningful work experience opportunities and training
  • Accommodation in your own bedroom in our community
  • Support to help overcome any issues you may need to deal with
  • Holidays, social activities and events
  • A chance to be part of the Worldwide Emmaus Movement where you become part of a global family and have the opportunity to travel

Emmaus Hertfordshire is an Emmaus community with big plans for the future. We provide a home for up to 36 formerly homeless people, known as “companions”. We are a non-religious organisation, and we are open to people of all faiths and none.

All companions are given their own bedroom with normal living expenses covered. Some people stay for a few months and others stay for years. We believe this stability helps people to rebuild their lives following homelessness. When you are ready to move on, Emmaus Hertfordshire will support you to do this in a positive and successful way.

Alongside a home, Emmaus Hertfordshire provides meaningful work opportunities and relevant training opportunities for those living here with us. Everyone who joins our community must be willing to turn a hand to whatever is needed across our social enterprises.

To be accepted at Emmaus Hertfordshire, a person has to sign off all benefits with the exception of Housing Benefit. Emmaus claims this to help to support the community.

If you’ve taken a look around our website and think you would like to join the community, please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

We are very keen to ensure this is a positive experience for you and us both. Therefore, we will need to carry out a Risk and Needs Assessment to make sure it is right for both parties. We will make contact with you if we think Emmaus may be able to support you.

Apply to Join Emmaus Hertfordshire 

If you would like to apply to become a companion here at Emmaus Hertfordshire, please click the button below and complete the application form. One of our team will be in touch with you ASAP.

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What our previous companions had to say

It is an amazing charity helping the homeless, they even helped me. I’m so grateful for all they did, they gave me a chance to go to college, driving lessons and my room was beautiful.  I now have my own flat and I am looking for work.

Rebecca, March 2020

I was a companion back in 2016, I am now a self employed Personal Trainer and I’m currently training to start a career in strongman competitions. If it wasn’t for Emmaus I’d still be on the streets and nowhere near achieving what I am today so thank you all.

Kai, Jan 2020

Thanks for everything you did for me at Emmaus Hertfordshire. With your help I have worked a full year without having a day off due to drink.

Ant, Dec 2019