Make your donation to Emmaus Hertfordshire do more.

If you’re donating furniture or making a cash donation to Emmaus Hertfordshire then please take the time to complete a Gift Aid form.

Gift Aid allows us to claim an extra 25% from the value of your donation to support our work. It doesn’t cost you a penny and it’s easy to do – you just need to request and complete a Gift Aid form provided by Emmaus Hertfordshire in store or when we collect your items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift Aid? It is a Government scheme that allows you to increase the value of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. So for every £10 you donate, Emmaus Hertfordshire can claim back £2.50, making your donation worth £12.50.

How much does it cost? Nothing – the money is reclaimed from HM Revenue and Customs out of tax you have already paid.

Do I have to make a minimum donation for Gift Aid to apply? No

Am I eligible for Gift Aid? Yes, if you are a UK taxpayer and have paid income tax or capital gains tax that is at least equal to the amount we reclaim. Documents like payslips will let you know how much tax you pay.

I’m a pensioner. Am I still eligible? Yes, if you pay tax – such as on a private pension plan or savings account, or on capital gains tax on the sale of property or shares. As long as you have paid enough tax to cover 25% of the value of your gifts, you qualify for Gift Aid.

What happens if I stop paying tax? Please tell us. We can then stop claiming Gift Aid on your donations.


Terms and conditions

1. If your declaration covers donations that you may make in the future:

  • Please notify Emmaus Hertfordshire if you change your name or address while the declaration remains in force.
  • You may cancel the declaration by notifying Emmaus Hertfordshire. The declaration will then not apply to donations you make on or after the date of cancellation, or any later date you specify.

2. I confirm that I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for the current year that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for the current tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand that the charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I give.

3. If your circumstance change such and you no longer pay tax on your income and capital gains equal to the amount that Emmaus Hertfordshire reclaims, you should cancel your declaration.

4. If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self-Assessment tax return.

5. If you are unsure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, please contact Emmaus Hertfordshire on 01727 817 294 in touch with your local tax office.


By supplying donated items and signing up to Gift Aid you are confirming:

1. That you wish Emmaus Hertfordshire to act as your agent in selling the goods you have donated. Note: Emmaus Hertfordshire reserves the right to terminate this agency agreement at any time.

2. That you are a UK taxpayer and that you agree to Emmaus Hertfordshire treating all donations from the date of this declaration as Gift Aid donations (until you notify us otherwise or either party terminates the agreement).

3. That you pay an amount of income income and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that we will reclaim on your donations in the appropriate tax year.

4. That you are not acting as a business in donating goods for sale in any shop belonging to Emmaus Hertfordshire.