We’ve partnered with the Potteries Centre on an exciting new recycling initiative, designed to reduce waste destined for landfill by repurposing unwanted shop fittings and fixtures across the centre.

Located on the lower-ground floor of the Potteries Shopping Centre (opposite New Look), our Emmaus charity shop specialises in quality second-hand clothing, shoes, books, music, film, bric-a-brac and various items of furniture for the home.

Since we opened in May 2022, our team has been rescuing items designated for disposal from the Potteries Centre tenants, including mannequins, display units, desks and gondola shelving, and recycling them for use across our charity’s numerous projects. Wooden pallets, for example, have been cut down for use in our community woodwork sessions, while a discarded till unit now sits proudly in our charity’s store, following a thorough repair and clean.

Looking to take our commitment to sustainability one step further, Emmaus has teamed up with the Potteries Centre to encourage all tenants to consider recycling unwanted goods rather than relegating them to the refuse pile. To this end, we’re offering our expertise in shining a light on what fixtures and fittings have the potential to be reused and repurposed to enjoy a second life in a home, shop, office or restaurant.

Reuse, reducing waste

Commenting on the initiative, our Executive Lead John Webbe, said:

“We are keen to support the centres’ businesses in helping them to reuse good quality items which are no longer required. We can take these items away at no charge to prevent them going to landfill, and ultimately saving the centre a significant sum in waste disposal charges at the same time.

“Since moving to our new shop in the Potteries Centre, we have reused more than 60 different unwanted items, including mannequins, shop display equipment, chairs, desks, lighting, and much more. Business waste is a massive issue and we would like to help our fellow tenants to reuse as much as possible, and in doing so they are also helping our charity when donating them to us. We would invite any of the businesses to pop into our shop on the lower floor where we can help with any queries.”

General manager of The Potteries Centre, Amy Whittaker, added:

“We are always looking for ways to promote sustainability and greener practices within the centre, and we are thrilled to lend our support to Emmaus’ exciting recycling initiative. We would encourage all our tenants to take a fresh look at what may previously have been considered waste to find the potential to reuse and recycle.

“The work that Emmaus North Staffs does fighting furniture poverty and supporting the homeless and unemployed members of our community is vital, especially in light of the current cost of living crisis. As a centre, we are committed to supporting local charities, and the recent installation of our charity wishing well has allowed us to raise funds and awareness for some very important causes in Stoke and the wider Staffordshire area.”

Why not come visit us in the Potteries Centre, and see for yourself how reuse can make a big difference?