Here in Stoke-on-Trent, we own the largest furniture and household charity shop in North Staffordshire, Emmaus Furniture Mine.

Additionally, we are seeking to develop an Emmaus ‘community’ in the area and we are working with various partners to achieve this.

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As background to how an Emmaus community operates, companions (as our residents are known) work full time in the communities recycling business, collecting renovating and reselling donated furniture and other items.  This work supports the community financially and enables companions to develop skills and rebuild their self-respect.

Companions can live in the community for as long as it takes for them to rebuild their lives and return to everyday living. Emmaus communities are dry and drug free.  Companions agree to sign of mainstream benefits whilst living in the community.  A critical part of the Emmaus ethos is that all members of its community should participate in the communities recycling business, thus making the community financially self-sustaining and not dependant on handouts from others.

Providing a roof only for someone that is homeless can often be no more than a sticking plaster.  Emmaus communities deal with the whole person; addressing mental health, addictions, family issues, problems with money, confidence, low esteem and skills.

People become homeless for many different reasons but relationship breakdown, bereavement, addiction or abuse have often played a part. Emmaus companions come from many different backgrounds but share a commitment to rebuilding their lives and participating in the life and work of communities in which they live.

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Emmaus in the UK

Emmaus in the UK

There are 34 Emmaus charities in the UK.  Of these, 29 are Emmaus Communities providing a home and meaningful work to previously homeless men and women.

The other 5 Emmaus charities, including ourselves here in North Staffs, are at various stages of development with some of us aiming to become an Emmaus Community in the near future.

The first community was opened in 1991 in Cambridge and Emmaus has since spread nationwide.

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