Emmaus North Staffs is happy to take donations of clothing, furniture and household items that are in good shape, to be sold in our charity shops.

This includes most furniture, books, CDs, DVDs, games, toys, trinkets, clothes, shoes and accessories. Please read on to find out what we can’t take.

You can find out more about how to drop-off your donations or arrange a free furniture collection.

Please don’t donate things we can’t accept

Every year we end up spending money pay for the disposal of poor quality donated items. You can help us save money by looking at our rules before giving away your things. That way we can make sure they can be used and sold in our shops.

Sorry, we can’t accept:

  • Any goods not in a reusable and re-sellable condition (this includes rips, stains, bits missing, etc)
  • Items with an odour from a smoking household
  • Large electrical appliances such as fridges, freezers and washing machines
  • Baby & child car seats (it is illegal to resell them)
  • Cycle or motorbike helmets (it is illegal to resell them)
  • Soft toys with no ‘CE’ visible on the label
  • Upholstered furniture without a legally required ‘fire label’ attached (not the cardboard swing-tag)
  • Single armchairs without a sofa, unless the armchair is a working recliner / rise-recliner
  • Used duvets and pillows
  • Non-flat-screen TVs
  • Computers and printers
  • TVs and DVD players without a remote
  • TVs without an HDMI or VGA lead
  • Carpet and carpet off-cuts
  • Pianos or large organs (electric keyboards are okay)
  • Dismantled wardrobes
  • Wall display units which are longer than 4 feet / 1.2m

If you have something big that we can’t sell, we can still help you get rid of it. We work with two local councils to pick up things that are too big for your wheelie bin or too large to take to the recycling centre in your car. If you live in Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council or Staffs Moorlands District Council areas, you can pay to book a Bulky Waste pickup on our website.

Many thanks for your support.