Alongside our free furniture collection service for items we can reuse and resell in our charity shops, we also work on behalf of two local councils to run their chargeable Bulky Waste collection service.

If you live in the Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council or Staffs Moorlands District Council areas, this service is for unwanted items that are too large for your wheelie bin, or too large to transport to your local recycling centre in the car.  Simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to book in a collection date.

This service is for non-reusable items such as sofas, mattresses, beds, carpets, and other similar items as well as large appliances.  It is only for residents paying Council Tax to either Newcastle BC and Staffs Moorlands DC.  Unfortunately businesses and landlords cannot use this service.

We do not offer this bulky disposal service in the Stoke-on-Trent area – please call the City Council on 01782 234 234 for their chargeable Bulky Waste service.

Bulky Waste items we can collect

Our team will pick up any large and bulky waste items such as sofas, beds, mattresses, fridges, freezers, washing machines, and cookers.  There are items that cannot be collected: garden or building waste, tyres, hazardous waste, gas bottles, plus other items such as black bags of rubbish.

What happens to the items we collect?

We try to determine at the point of telephone booking whether items are reusable or not.  Reusable items will be offered a free collection and items we cannot reuse will be booked into the chargeable ‘bulky waste’ service.  These items will be recycled by ourselves or taken to a local recycling centre for disposal.

Any items that we determine are reusable on collection will be cleaned and taken back to our Hanley warehouse for reuse.  Some are resold in our Furniture & Home Charity Warehouse which specialises in quality second-hand furniture & household items, and others will be provided to local people in need of furniture.

How much does it cost?

The good news is that if your items can be reused, they will be collected free of charge.  If items are damaged, unusable and require disposing of in an environmentally friendly way, then there is a charge for up to 3 items and then an additional charge for more than 3 items. Currently the charges are as follows:

  • Staffordshire Moorlands DC: £37.50 for 1-3 items; £59.50 for 4-6 items; £75 for 7-9 items; then £11 per item after that
  • Newcastle Borough: £42.50 for 1-3 items; £67.50 for 4-6 items; £84 for 7-9 items; then £12.70 per item after that

All proceeds go to support the Emmaus North Staffs charity.

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