Last night our CEO, Claire Staddon attended the Housing Digital Innovation Awards in Birmingham after being nominated for the Best Use of an Emerging Technology in Housebuilding award. We attended alongside Marie-Claire Delbrouque, CEO of Hopestead and John Evans, CEO of New Meaning Foundation.

We were delighted that Housing Digital announced Emmaus Suffolk & New Meaning Foundation as the winners of the Best Use of an Emerging Technology in Housebuilding award! We were honored with this for our newly opened Hopestead Place modular homes, funded by Hopestead and built by the fantastic team at New Meaning Foundation.

New Meaning Foundation employs and supports formerly homeless people to build affordable and sustainable homes for people who are currently experiencing homelessness. The two modular homes on our site were created to support our companions who were looking for a next step in independence. We can already see the impact that the homes are having on their lives.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support of Hopestead. Hopestead support communities to break the cycles of homelessness and develop partnerships to create long-term solutions for homelessness.

Claire Staddon shares “We’re so thankful for Housing Digital for recognising our project and the work that has gone into creating these amazing modular homes. We’re really proud of how this collaboration has worked together to create an outcome that will continue to make a tangible difference to people’s lives for years to come”.

Read more about the opening of Hopestead place here