Leaving a gift in your will, no matter how big or small, will help people who have experienced homelessness to regain their confidence and self-esteem. This gives them new purpose and the strength to change their lives.

80% of charitable donations generated in Suffolk leave the county, but we can guarantee that all money donated to Emmaus Suffolk stays in Suffolk.

Legacy donations are crucial to our organisation and it’s one of the best ways to support us. It’s thanks to people who have generously donated in their will that we’ve been able to grow and develop Emmaus Suffolk into the thriving community it is today.

With your help we want to expand our wellbeing hubs and accomodation offer across Suffolk to reach more long-term unemployed, vulnerable and homeless people.

Gifting a legacy donation is simple and we can support you along the way. If you have any questions or would just like a chat please do contact us on [email protected] or 01473 225627

What is the process? 

To leave a legacy to Emmaus Suffolk, there are four simple steps to take. 

  • Write down what you own – property, savings, and valuables – and work out an approximate value 
  • Decide who you want to benefit – family members, friends – as well as Emmaus Suffolk
  • Decide what type of gift you want to leave to each of those you have named – see below for the two main types 
  • Make an appointment with a solicitor who can then draft your will based on your wishes 

What type of gift can I leave? 

You can gift Emmaus Suffolk a share of your estate (residuary legacy) or a specific sum of money (pecuniary legacy) 

  • A Residuary Legacy is a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other gifts to family and friends have been distributed and all outgoings have been dealt with. Did you know you can give as little as 1% of your estate to Emmaus Suffolk? 
  • Alternatively you may wish to leave a fixed sum of money, called a pecuniary gift. If you choose this option, you may wish to index-link your bequest as it will tend to decrease in value over time. 

Things you need to know: 

Once you’ve decided what type of gift you’d like to give, it’s important that you have our charity name: Emmaus Suffolk, our registered charity number:  1128051 and our address: 216 Dales Rd, Ipswich IP1 4JY

Our guide; Leaving a legacy to Emmaus Suffolk, takes you through all the things you need to know in more detail

If you would like to leave a Gift to Emmaus Suffolk in your will someone will be available to provide support and advice – by email or over the phone – whenever you need it, just contact us on [email protected] or 01473 225627.