Charity teams up with Avid Indoor Climbing and Scrutton Bland

Emmaus Suffolk, the local charity that provides mental health and practical support to some of the region’s most vulnerable and socially isolated people, including those who are long-term unemployed or whose homelessness is hidden (e.g. living in vehicles or “sofa surfing” with friends), has launched its major fundraising event for 2019.

The Big Climb” will take place on Friday 27th September at Avid Indoor Climbing, Bermuda Road, Ipswich.  It will involve a day of fun team activities ideal for local organisations and businesses, competing against one another in a series of fundraising, problem-solving and indoor climbing (“bouldering”) challenges.   No prior experience of climbing is needed and it’s suitable for non-sporty folk too.  Up to 30 teams of 5 people can take part.

The money raised will help Emmaus Suffolk to support their clients (called “companions”) in getting their lives back on track.  The charity provides education (including employment training) and meaningful work opportunities, plus a supportive place to meet, a café, free bathroom and laundry facilities and help with finding accommodation.  All the services provided by the charity are designed to relieve the emotional distress of poverty, often because of discrimination or abuse that can be directed at unemployed people and those who are homeless.  Emmaus Suffolk helps companions to develop their life and work skills, in order to gain future employment and maintain their sense of self-worth and dignity.

Claire Staddon, Chief Executive of Emmaus Suffolk, said “Everyone needs a leg up at some stage in their life.  Most of us are lucky to have family or friends who can support us if we face a knockback, but not everyone does.   Emmaus Suffolk offers companions a supportive team and a place to go where you can feel at home and valued, take a shower, do your laundry and eat, have your voice heard and learn new skills through meaningful volunteer work, all of which help to plan your next steps and get yourself back on track.   

Funds raised at The Big Climb will help us to support the increasing number of long term unemployed and homeless adults in Suffolk who are facing poverty and distress.    My family were already fans of Avid Indoor Climbing and we find their venue a similarly happy, uplifting and positive space.  I was thrilled when Lindsay Barker, Director of the bouldering centre, offered to host our first “The Big Climb” event there.  I was delighted also that Scrutton Bland generously offered to sponsor the event as part of their firm’s 100th anniversary celebrations.”

Speaking about the event, Tim Mulley, Senior Partner at Scrutton Bland said: “It’s appropriate in Scrutton Bland’s centenary year that we are working with Emmaus Suffolk to support them as they work to help members of our local community. The Big Climb is a great way to encourage team building and problem solving, and if Scrutton Bland and the other teams involved can also help to raise awareness of Emmaus Suffolk’s fantastic work, then that’s an added bonus. I’d encourage everyone to ‘be a bit boulder’ and come along to The Big Climb.”

To find out more about The Big Climb and what will happen on the day, go to https://emmaussuffolk.echoleft.com/charity-events/the-big-climb

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