John Webbe, our Executive Lead, was interviewed by BBC Radio Stoke about the upcoming Run Alton Towers 10k race for our ‘Beds for Kids’ campaign.

John spoke to BBC Radio Stoke presenter Reverend Geoff Eze last Sunday (September 24) about beginning a training regime for the race on 11 November, after a break of around eight years.

John will be part of a team of eight runners from local businesses taking part in the race for our ‘Beds for Kids’ campaign which we launched in 2022 to support families struggling to afford basic furniture for the home due to the cost-of-living crisis.

John said: “No child should be sleeping on the floor and a lack of sleep can seriously affect someone’s mental and physical health, and even their education. It’s such an important developmental period of their lives.

“We’re hoping that £5,000 will enable us to buy and deliver 30 brand new beds for children; the mattress, the bedding, pyjamas and toiletries. Everything to give a really fresh start to that child in their home and give them their own space to sleep and rest after a long day.”

He added: “All of the team are training well and if we can meet our target, which can be found on our Just Giving Page, then that would be amazing.”

Putting their best feet forward, alongside John, will be Helen Bancroft-Morris Director of HBM Telemarketing; Matthew Tolley, Director of Hayo Energy; Nick Pilgrim, owner of video production company CineRobota; Sonya Farrall of PR & Media firm BabaBaboon; Paul McShane, Trustee of Emmaus North Staffs and Managing Director of CRC Evans, and friends of the charity Emily Clewlow and Jason Farrall.

As well as the Beds for Kids campaign, Emmaus North Staffs support more than 800 local households each year. The charity has a large store in the Potteries Centre, in Hanley as well as a Furniture and Home Charity Emporium, which is located in Etruria.

To support the runners in the Alton Towers 10k Race on Saturday 11 November, and to learn more about the Beds for Kids campaign, please follow this Just Giving link –

Listen to John’s full interview with BBC Radio Stoke here: