To mark Trustee Week 2021 we’ve spoken to Rosie Fraser, co-Chair of our Board of Trustees, about why she works with us here at Emmaus Hertfordshire, and what she enjoys most about her role.

Why did you want to be an Emmaus Hertfordshire trustee?

To use my skills in property to help manage and advise on the Hill End site and taking on new retail premises.  This is a practical application of my work experience to help others in the most useful way possible.  I am also attracted to the Emmaus model, which enables homeless people to find a home and employment at Hill End, and when ready, to move on with their lives.  I am not aware of this model existing in other homeless charities and believe that our model provides the best chance of success for companions to successfully re-connect with others and move on.

What is your background and what has your career path been?

I worked as a Chartered Surveyor with Bidwells Property Consultants before moving on to become Director at the Prince’s Regeneration Trust. I am now a self-employed heritage consultant.

What do you enjoy most about being a trustee at Emmaus Hertfordshire?

I enjoy working with other trustees, staff and companions and using our collective experiences to find practical solutions to support the organisation.

Where would you like to see Emmaus Hertfordshire in five years’ time?

With Hill End fully refurbished and new workshop and storage space created, with companions taking part in the building process and learning new skills, which may help gain work experience and employment.

With the organisation diversifying to generate enough income to be fully sustainable and providing the companions’ relevant work experience that interests them and helps them successfully move on.

Can you sum up what Emmaus Hertfordshire means to you in one sentence?

Emmaus Hertfordshire provides a safe place and home for companions, helping them successfully move on, when they are ready.

Five Quick-Fire Questions:

Tell us something interesting about you

I enjoy fishing.

What food can you not resist?


What is your favourite film?

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

What do you feel most grateful for?

My family.

What is your biggest achievement?

My family.