Join us for a local screening of documentary movie, ‘I’m Still Here’, featuring our companion Chris, at Rothamstead Conference Centre in Harpenden on 24 April.

Chris, a resident in our community, hit the big screen in December after attending the premiere of the film documenting the plight of homeless people during the Covid pandemic.

This hard-hitting film was rolled out at selected London cinemas in December but will be shown in a one-off local screening at Rothamstead Conference Centre on Wednesday 24 April from 6pm, with a Q&A session being held afterwards.

Chris joined Emmaus Hertfordshire in 2020, after being supported by homelessness charity Under One Sky whose incredible work is highlighted in the film documenting their support of homeless people during the pandemic.

This film gives Chris, affectionately called ‘Pops’ in the movie, and his contemporaries a powerful voice during this disturbing time and highlights the efforts of Under One Sky, who defied the virus and stepped out to support these vulnerable people.

In March 2020, citizens around the world were ordered to stay at home. For those with no home to go to an already desperate situation quickly became life threatening; everything and everyone had gone.

I’m Still Here’ is a film made to give people on the streets a voice. Through the efforts of an emerging outreach organisation, Under One Sky, the film reveals the power of human connection and what can be achieved through community and compassion. A reminder that at the heart of humanity lies hope.

This thought-provoking documentary will be followed by a Q&A session with the film’s director Franc Vissers, Under One Sky Founder Mikkel Juel Iversen, companion Chris, whose journey to Emmaus is documented in the film, and Curtis, former Emmaus Hertfordshire companion.

Tickets for this special event are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot early. Join us for an evening of enlightenment, empathy, and empowerment as we come together to support the work of Emmaus Hertfordshire and Under One Sky, and those affected by homelessness in our community.

Don’t miss this chance to be inspired and make a difference. Together, we can show that everyone deserves a place to call home. To book your tickets, click here.