Our companions are working with The Arts Seen to create a photography book documenting their lives at Emmaus.

The Arts Seen is a social interest company focusing on using photography to support people facing diversity, disability or financial challenges.

Founder Christopher Hall experienced homelessness and dreamt of becoming a photographer. When Christopher was able to access accommodation, he was given a camera which launched his career. Through The Arts Seen, Christopher now works with organisations like Emmaus Hertfordshire to create and enable bespoke projects to support the organisations and enhance the lives of their users.

Our project, titled The Emmaus Journey, will enable companions to create images that show what life is like living in the Emmaus Hertfordshire community. Through the project companions will learn new skills, work as a team and gain confidence, as they manage the project from the initial idea to printed book.

With the support of The Arts Seen, companions will guide everything from the initial planning of the project and taking the photographs to sourcing a supplier for the printing and creation of the books and organising how the books will be sold. Profits from the sales of the book will then go towards funding our work at Emmaus Hertfordshire.

To achieve this though we need your help. We need to raise £1,000 which will be used to provide equipment for the companions, cover initial printing costs, and help pay towards the coaching and support for the project. As a thank you for your generosity, each donation of more than £10 will receive a copy of the book that is produced so you can see the work you helped our companions to achieve.

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