Our community house is not just somewhere for our companions to sleep; it is their home, for as long as they need one and all companions are encouraged to continue with their hobbies or take up new ones. Over the last few months, some of our companions have developed green fingers and have been working hard in our large community garden.

Our polytunnel has been erected and is being put to good use. We are delighted to have been joined by volunteer Katie who has given us some of her spare time to share with our companions her amazing gardening skills and knowledge.

In particular, she has been working with Rob, one of our companions and between them, they have grown a huge variety of vegetables including potatoes, onions, cabbages, lettuces and radishes.

We’re also incredibly excited to be working with Groundworks East on its project Sprouting Out. Groundwork East runs Sprouting Out to help to improve life skills including cooking and growing for those across the East of England. The team is working with our companions to teach them how to grow their own vegetables and herbs, and then cook with the ingredients they have grown themselves. This gives our companions the chance to improve their life skills, to boost their prospects as well as their physical and mental health.

Our community garden is closed to the public, but there will be a chance to come inside and take a look at what we do during our 20th Anniversary Summer Open Day, coming in July 2022 – keep an eye out for details!