Construction charity CRASH is helping us replace our leaky, dilapidated roof, thanks to the generous goodwill of three local building companies.

In a big-hearted effort to support us with a much-needed replacement roof, CRASH have enlisted the support of building firms Bauder, CWG Group and Extreme Scaffolding.

Flat roof specialist Bauder Ltd is donating its products and service free of charge, while CRASH has offered a grant to cover the remaining costs of Extreme Scaffolding from Hitchin and Stevenage-based roofer CWG Group.

It’s all thanks to CRASH, a charity which unites the construction industry to transform hostels, day centres, night shelters and move-on accommodation for homeless people across the UK.

Duncan Lewis, our Chief Executive, said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to CRASH and the three construction companies, Bauder, CWG Group and Extreme Scaffolding, for carrying out this vital work to our roof.

“CRASH provides incredible support to charities like ours and we can’t thank them enough. Not only have they connected us with these amazing local contractors, they have also been generous enough to cover the remaining cost of the work.

“This is just one step in a large programme of maintenance works which our community building so desperately needs. Our thanks also need to go to Laing Family Trusts, for their ongoing support in repairing and improving our home.”

The scaffolding went up around the large Victorian building in Crosby Close last  Monday and the extensive work is expected to take around a month.

Niamh McCann, Projects Manager at CRASH, said: “CRASH is delighted to help the Emmaus Hertfordshire community and would like to thank the generosity of the construction industry for making this possible; from the involvement of our Corporate Patron Bauder to those companies who fundraise for CRASH and make offering grants possible.

“This project is a testament of the construction industry’s good will and their dedication to help CRASH construct places that care for people who are homeless or receiving hospice care.”