September saw Emmaus Colchester once again embrace Oxfam’s Second-Hand September initiative, the month-long campaign that challenged us to only buy second hand for the 30 days of September.

Helped by a tribe of Instagram wonder women, Including Kay Presney from Kinship Creative, Beckie Batchelor from the Making Bee, Onitha Jarrold from _rekindled and Isa from Life_of_Isatu, we took some previously unloved furniture and created a curated selection of beautiful upcycled furniture, demonstrating just what can be achieved when you buy second hand.

For us at Emmaus Colchester, Second hand is for is for life not just for September and we usually have something for everyone, do pop along and see what we have in store! By shopping second hand at Emmaus Colchester, you will not only be helping to support our formally homeless companions, but you’ll also be helping to protect the planet by rebelling against fast fashion and reducing waste.

Everything you spend at our shops goes directly to our community, funding a home, meaningful work, training, food and living expenses for those who have experienced homeless like Noah (name has been changed), a current companion with us in Colchester.

Noah’s Story

Having grown up in an abusive home, where drug taking and drug dealing was commonplace, life has always been difficult for Noah. The oldest of three children, and with the threat of bailiffs never far away, the responsibly soon fell to him to bring some money into the house.

“From the age of about thirteen I was homeless on and off – home was a difficult place to be so as an escape I sofa surfed between friends’ houses. I started smoking weed at the age of eleven and at age fifteen I started dealing as a way to make money, however eventually I was caught and served prison time.

“In many ways getting caught saved my life. Once I was released, my probation officer suggested Emmaus as a good place to start rebuilding my life and I moved in straight away. I still have a long way to go, but the team at Emmaus Colchester are supporting me to move forward and to start a new life.

If you’d like to support people like Noah, shop second hand with us all year-round and. keep an eye on our Instagram feed for creative upcycling ideas, tips and tricks

Take a look at our opening hours or visit our online shop to browse pre-loved treasures from the comfort of your home.

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