On Monday 21 October, Emmaus companion Rob, who has been at the Norfolk community for more than a year, set sail with six other Emmaus companions from the Lambeth, Greenwich, and Cambridge communities as well as two crew members for five days at sea thanks to the Pioneer Sailing Trust.

Based in Essex, the Pioneer Sailing Trust provide learning opportunities for people to equip them with skills for life, both at sea and on land. The Trust was initially founded in 1999, with an ambition to restore a 70ft Essex Smack Pioneer boat, which fell into decay after a life spent dredging oysters in the North Sea. Restored in 2005, and the boat Rob and the rest of the crew spent their time on, the vessel forged a new life as a sail training boat, now an essential part of the Trust’s wider mission to facilitate learning opportunities through maritime experiences.

Speaking on the experience, Rob, said:

“The whole trip was a great experience – a really good team building experience and the crew I had were just brilliant. We all got on, everyone was friendly, and the two official crew members were patient, thoughtful and made sure that we all enjoyed our time. The days started at 7am when we would set sail after breakfast, and it was a surprise to see anyone still awake by 8pm – it was hard work but something I would definitely do again.”

To find out more about the Pioneer Sailing Trust, visit here.