Emmaus is a homelessness charity with a difference, providing more than just a bed for the night.

Our community opened in 2011. Over the past nine years we have undertaken significant refurbishment of our buildings and recruited a dedicated and passionate staff team. Firstly, this means we have been able to create a thriving community and business in Ditchingham. Secondly, it means that we have now embarked on plans to expand outside of Ditchingham, such as the opening of our new shop in Norwich city centre.

What do we do?

We provide a home, work and companionship for 23 previously homeless and socially disadvantaged people – known as companions. Soon, we will be completing building work at our site in Ditchingham to open nine new companion rooms. Therefore, by the end of 2020 we will be able to support up to 32 people at a time.

We offer the chance for people to gain new skills by working in our social enterprise within a supportive environment. Firstly, this allows people to build up their skillset which they then can use to secure a job in the future. Secondly, it gives people responsibility and a structure. Thirdly, and most importantly, meaningful work and having a purpose helps with regaining self-esteem  and confidence, both of which may have been damaged as a result of homelessness.

A self-sustaining community is our aim and we will achieve this through our trading activities. In addition to this, we aim to continuously grow the opportunities available for people who would otherwise be homeless.

What does the Board of Trustees do?

The purpose of a board is to provide sound governance to the organisation. This includes agreeing strategic direction, approving and reviewing policies and procedures, appointing executive staff and ensuring compliance with the objectives, purposes and values of the organisation, and with its governing document.

Trustees meet as a board 12 times each year and individual trustees may also get involved in other ways, as their time permits. We provide full induction training and offers reimbursements for travel expenses.

Our Board of Trustees:

Chair: David Daynes

Business Working Group Chair: Peter Coe

Chair Of Community Working Group John Pinnington

Lead on Fundraising Milee Brambleby

Treasurer: Roland Kaye

Iain and Pat Mackechnie Javis

Selwyn Image

Paula Boyce

Chris Brown

Would you like to become a trustee?

We are currently looking for trustees with experience in the following areas:

  • Retail
  • Managing social care or metal health services
  • Business development
  • Building project experience
  • Finance

If you are interested, please register your interest here.

Milee - Emmaus Norfolk & Waveney trustee

Milee - Emmaus Norfolk & Waveney trustee

“Perhaps one of the best things throughout my time as a trustee is that whenever I visit the community and meet a new companion. More often than not they are quiet, head down, and they are obviously hurting in a lot of ways. When I visit in a couple of months that new companion is looking you in the eye, smiling at customers, and maybe giving you a bit of cheek – it’s just glorious to see.”

Milee's full story

Stories from our companions: