70 years after Emmaus founder Abbé Pierre’s inspiring radio appeal, Emmaus Mossley companion Gary shares his personal appeal as part of the Emmaus International #IndignAction campaign.

As Gary highlights, an increase in affordable social housing is needed now, more than ever. Within the UK, homelessness is on the rise at the same time as the number of empty homes is increasing and not enough affordable new homes are being built. We encourage you to click the links below to learn more about this important issue and write to your MP to encourage them to take action.


What are you fighting for?

In 1954, France was experiencing a serious housing crisis. It was a freezing winter and thousands of people were sleeping on the streets. Outraged at the situation, Emmaus founder Abbé Pierre launched a radio appeal that sparked a historic outpouring of generosity and prompted the government to finally take action to protect the homeless.

To mark the 70th anniversary of Abbé Pierre’s appeal, Emmaus International launched a worldwide campaign to capture hundreds of appeals from a committed society. Injustice, social exclusion, discrimination, climate inaction – today, in 2024, there is no shortage of reasons for outrage. Among all these situations, there is always one that particularly affects or resonates with each individual… and for which solutions exist. 70 years after Abbé Pierre’s appeal, together, let’s awaken our power to act!

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