In 2017, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Emmaus Mossley. In the years since, we have been planning for the future to ensure our charity will survive and thrive for the next 20 years and beyond.

Emmaus Mossley has been based at Longlands Mill since 1997. Everything has developed steadily over the years but now our building and facilities need attention. We want to use 2020 and the years ahead to enhance our charity and improve the experience we offer to companions, supporters and visitors alike.

Future projects

The following projects have been identified by our community and give you an idea our ambitions for the future:

  • Community Kitchen & Dining Area – We need a full refurbishment of all areas within our catering kitchen, companion’s kitchen, dining room and communal lounge.
  • Community Garden – We need to provide an improved social space for companions and make use of land for local food growing.
  • Warehouse, Scrap Shed & Yard – We urgently need to refurbish our warehouse and Scrap Shed buildings and enhance our yard space.
  • Café Improvements – We urgently need to expand the kitchen area of Lucie’s Café to meet increased demand and improve the working space.
  • Catering Manager – We need a Catering Manager to promote healthy eating for companions, reduce food waste and improve our café offering.
  • Waste Reduction – We need better facilities to manage, reuse and recycle more of the items donated to us in order to reduce overall waste.
  • Environmental Improvements – We need to reduce our carbon footprint by installing eco-friendly adaptions to our buildings (e.g. solar panels, water collection, etc).
  • New Vans – We will soon need to replace our Emmaus Mossley vans used for deliveries and collections.
  • New Lift – We will soon need to replace the lift that links all three floors of Longlands Mill. The lift provides important access to both community members and visitors alike.
  • New Fire Alarm System – We will soon need to replace our fire alarm system to ensure the safety of all companions, volunteers, staff and visitors.

Can you help?

These projects sit outside of what we can afford from our social enterprise income alone. All the funds generated in our Secondhand Superstore are used to sustain the Emmaus Mossley charity and our support for 26 formerly homeless people. To commence and complete these projects we require additional support, partnerships and funding.

If you or your organisation can help in any way, then we’d love to hear from you. Please email [email protected]