More people than ever are experiencing what it means to be homeless. The numbers are overwhelming but we can all make a difference through the power of kindness.

Kindness has transformed the lives of people who live in Emmaus communities and they are paying that kindness back by showing kindness in return.

Join us by resolving to Be More Kind and make a positive difference for homeless people and your wider community for this new year and beyond.

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An international Uprising of Kindness

By taking part in #BeMoreKind activities, you will be joining an international Uprising of Kindness. The Uprising of Kindness was a call-to-action Emmaus founder Abbé Pierre launched across the media on February 1, 1954.

He delivered a radio appeal in response to deaths on the streets in France and it raised unprecedented sums from public generosity to help those less fortunate, leading to the growth of the movement with the development of Emmaus communities worldwide.