Two Emmaus community gardens are thriving, thanks to volunteers from Victorian Plumbing. Staff volunteered at Emmaus Bolton and Emmaus Merseyside to help bring their gardens to life.

During June, a group of volunteers spent time at Emmaus Merseyside, working alongside companions and volunteers. Another team of volunteers joined Emmaus Bolton in July, helping to transform the charity’s community garden. They also gave a generous donation to Emmaus Bolton’s foodbank, Lucie’s Pantry, which will help to support people locally.

Director of Emmaus Bolton, Tony Stephenson said: “Our community was delighted to receive such fantastic support from a company with main offices so close to Emmaus Bolton. It was a pleasure to have welcomed staff from Victorian Plumbing and to have received a donation for Lucie’s Pantry was such a bonus.”

Community gardens offer a place to thrive

Gardens are important spaces at Emmaus communities, helping to enhance the welcoming home environment. They offer spaces to relax, enjoy barbecues and get-togethers, and places to exercise. Some companions grow vegetables to use in the community kitchen. Tending the gardens is also a way that companions contribute to the running of their community. Others grow plants that are sold in the community’s social enterprise, with the proceeds helping sustain its work. Emmaus community gardens also benefit volunteers, bringing people together in an activity that boosts physical and mental health.

Emmaus Merseyside is appealing for support in developing its community garden. The charity already grows produce to sell and food for the community but has big plans to grow the garden even more. It aims to build The Beautiful Garden next to its community building, creating a hub that companions, volunteers, and residents to enjoy. Read more about Emmaus Merseyside’s plans.

Corporate support

Thanks to the volunteers from Victorian Plumbing, Emmaus Merseyside and Emmaus Bolton received a helping hand that will benefit companions, volunteers and others.

Victorian Plumbing chose Emmaus UK as their charity of the year for 2023. One part of that partnership is offering volunteering opportunities to its colleagues.

Volunteering enables corporate partners to learn more about Emmaus while working alongside companions and volunteers. It offers a unique insight into the impact of Emmaus communities and groups, while enabling corporate partners to give back and spread some kindness.

Find out more about becoming a corporate partner.