If you’ve been affected by anything you’ve heard in our podcasts or would like more information about the topics discussed, you’re in the right place. We have a selection of resources and links below covering a wide range of issues related to the topics covered.

You can also find out how to get help from Emmaus.

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Organisations that can support with alcohol addiction.

Where to get advice on benefits.


Organisations that provide support for people who have experienced a bereavement.


Support and advice for young people who are leaving care.


Organisations that can support people experiencing domestic abuse.


Organisations that can provide free furniture.


Information about your housing rights and where to get support.

Information about research into homelessness, housing policies and rights.

Organisations offering immigration support services.

Find out where to get support with your mental health.

Where to get support if you are sofa surfing or living in temporary accommodation.

Learn more about the different types of homelessness and the many different factors that can force people into becoming homeless.


Advice for young people who are experiencing homelessness.

Get support

There are currently 30 Emmaus communities across the UK supporting more than 850 people to rebuild their lives after experiencing homelessness. An additional three groups are working towards opening communities in their areas.

More than just a bed for the night, Emmaus helps people move away from homelessness by providing a home, training and work opportunities as part of a package of long-term support. It offers a sense of community and belonging, offering people the stability they need to make lasting change.

To find out how you can join an Emmaus community, visit the Get Help page.