One of the biggest issues facing people who have experienced homelessness is the loss of their self-esteem. At Emmaus we give people a home for as long as they need it. We also offer support and training to bring them closer to moving on from homelessness and rebuilding their lives. You can make a difference by donating here.

Listen to Gail’s story and why she supports the work of Emmaus:

All the money raised from our appeal will be allocated to our Companion Training Fund which gives formerly homeless people the chance to access training, gain qualifications and learn new skills – getting them closer to ending the cycle of homelessness and re-gaining their self esteem.

You can read more about the impact Emmaus has had on Lawrence’s life below.

Lawrence's Story

I lost my job, my home and ended up sleeping rough on the streets of London on-and-off for two years. A day on the streets for me was total isolation and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

The whole point of coming to Emmaus is that once you walk through those gates, whatever you were or did before is gone; everyone is treated equally.

Emmaus has been there for me throughout my journey and I’m truly grateful.

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