What do we sell?

We stock day-to-day essentials like cookware and kitchen appliances as well as a wide range of secondhand furniture, clothes, bric-a-brac, books, CDs, DVDs and computer games.

Our people are amazing so you’ll get great service.

We’re a team committed to what we do. We’re all here at Emmaus South Wales because we believe in making the world better, and are committed to working together to do it. We’re all about spreading the love and we’ll make you feel welcome in our stores.

Do more with your money.

Every penny you spend with us is used to deliver our mission. We provide a home, a community, support, purpose, and opportunities for those who need them most. Every penny is reinvested in delivering social impact.

Save the Planet!

Buying preloved goods is one easy action we can all take in response to the Climate Emergency. Every time a preloved item changes hands, it stops the need for another one to be made, and stops one going to landfill or waste. Reuse is the first and most important action we can take.

You’ll be supporting the creation of meaningful work and training opportunities.

Working in our shops helps those we support to gain skills, confidence, and to be valued for the contribution they make. Most of the people you’ll meet in our stores work for us voluntarily, some live in our community too. Many of them are being supported to develop the skills and tools they need to achieve their dreams.

Facilities in our Bridgend Superstore:

  • Free on site parking
  • Rear drop off/collection point


We accept donations at our Tremains Superstore every day during opening hours. We may need to stop accepting items if we are too full and it is always best to call before coming down. We also take donations in our Caroline Street shop from 9:30am Monday to Saturday.



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