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In 1954, France was experiencing a serious housing crisis. It was a freezing winter and thousands of people were sleeping on the streets, some froze to death. Outraged at the situation, Emmaus founder Abbé Pierre launched a radio appeal that sparked a historic outpouring of generosity and prompted the government to finally take action to protect the homeless.

On the 1st of February we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of  Abbé Pierre’s Uprising of Kindness, but we are also asking, how much has changed?

Today, in 2024, Salford’s mayor, Paul Dennett has declared a ‘homelessness crisis’ in the city, with record levels of homelessness and he warns of harder times ahead. In 1954 the public kindness transformed the Emmaus movement and saved many lives. We’re asking you to help us do the same, here in Salford.

We’re initiating a fundraising campaign in collaboration with Salford Loaves and Fishes to secure support for two essential services in Salford. Salford Loaves and Fishes operates a daily drop-in center, offering hot meals and drinks, clothing, toiletries, dental and GP services, and additional support for individuals experiencing homelessness. Meanwhile, at Emmaus Salford, we run Lucie’s Pantry—a social supermarket that serves as a sustainable and affordable resource for food and household essentials, aiding members of the Salford community facing financial challenges.

Your support can provide hot meals, clothing, toiletries, and essential healthcare services to rough sleepers through the daily drop-in center. Additionally, help us sustain Lucie’s Pantry at Emmaus Salford, offering a lifeline of affordable food and household essentials to community members struggling to make ends meet.

Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference. Your kindness can be the key to warmth, sustenance, and essential services for those facing hardship. Donate whatever you can today and be a part of 2024’s Uprising of Kindness!