Emmaus Salford is a registered charity that supports homeless people by providing them with a home and an opportunity to progress. The people we support live and work together in the Emmaus Salford community.

We do not provide emergency accommodation or a hostel – our work is centred around our residential community, where people come to make it their home. People who join our community, known as companions, commit to working to the best of their ability in our social enterprises and with the running of the community itself.

The work that our companions do helps to fund the residential accommodation, living costs and ongoing support. Their daily work is an important part of the Emmaus ethos as it gives people a focus each day, an opportunity for personal development, and allows companions to grow the community so that it can give even more opportunities to others.

Our social enterprise
Supporting people and the environment

Our social enterprise

As well as providing a home to people who have experienced homelessness, Emmaus Salford provides a convenient reuse and recycling service to the residents of Salford and beyond.

We take donations of good quality household items that would otherwise be sent to landfill, and our shops provide an excellent source of good quality furniture, clothes and household items at reasonable prices.

Part of the wider Salford community

Members of the Emmaus Salford community also undertake acts of solidarity – helping people and groups less fortunate than ourselves.

For companions, this has a huge impact on their confidence and self-worth, showing that they can make a difference to someone else’s life and add value to the lives of people around them.

We see Emmaus Salford as an integral part of the local community, and are always keen to work with any individuals or groups that have the same ethos as us, and want to help improve our local area and environment.

Part of a global movement
Emmaus International

Part of a global movement

Emmaus Salford is an independent charity that, along with other communities in the UK, makes up the Emmaus UK federation. The Emmaus UK federation is also part of an international movement, which includes work being undertaken in 37 countries across the globe.