Emmaus Salford is at a crucial moment in our journey to support those experiencing homelessness in our community.

We’ve been privileged to provide a home, support, and work opportunities for people who have experienced homelessness from our current property. However, our home faces uncertainties and may soon be unavailable to us due to development plans in the Pendleton area. As you can imagine, this is a worrisome time for Emmaus Salford as our main priority is to continue to provide stable homes for those we support.

So, how can you help us?

We are introducing the Emmaus Salford Property Support Fund – your chance to make a real difference in the lives of formerly homeless people. We’re asking for donations to help us find a new property so we can continue the work we do, keeping people being homeless in Salford. Over the years we have supported over a thousand people who have experienced homelessness, and it’s our mission to help more!

Every pound you give brings us closer to our goal. Your support isn’t just an investment in bricks and mortar – it’s an investment in the future of our community.

Join us in our mission to provide stability, support, and opportunity to those experiencing homelessness.

Donate today and make a lasting impact in Salford.

Watch ITV’s full report on our property issues here:

Your donation could serve as a dual purpose: not only aiding in the upkeep of our current home, ensuring it remains a secure space for those in need, but also fuel our efforts to secure a new space. Your generosity could cover critical expenses such as legal services, property acquisition costs, and essential renovations, ensuring we can continue our mission seamlessly.

£10 Could go towards legal services
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£25 Could go towards acquisition costs
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£50 Could go towards renovation
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