Before the pandemic Kev had a job and a home as he lived and worked in a pub, but when the pub stopped trading he lost both.

Kev called on friends for help and sofa surfed for a few months before the council found him a place in a hostel. He didn’t feel comfortable in the hostel environment so when Emmaus Salford was suggested he thought he’d give it a try.

“When I came to Emmaus Salford I felt like I fit in straight away”, Kev said.

Soon after he started working in Lucie’s Pantry, a social supermarket set up to help people in Salford who are struggling to make ends meet.

“I used to use a social foodbank similar to Lucie’s Pantry, so I knew just how the customers felt and it’s nice to be able to help others.”

At the moment Kev is studying a course in data analysis and business processes, which he has been able to do through the companion training fund, a pot of money that companions can apply to, to help them progress their personal development.

Kev said: “I’ve learned about logistics because I used to schedule all the furniture collections. Now I’m working in the community office, getting involved in business administration. Emmaus is supporting me to do courses in data analysis and business processes and through the Companion Training Fund I applied for money to buy a laptop. I’m hopeful that I’ll eventually get a job in IT.”

Kev is supported by a team of staff at Emmaus Salford and has a dedicated support worker and a well-being coordinator who help him to manage many different aspects of his daily life.

He said: “Staff at Emmaus Salford have been helping me to find a balance between working in the social enterprise and doing my collage work. I really value the support.”

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