A companion from Emmaus Salford has been picked as one of the featured guests on the new podcast series by national homelessness charity Emmaus. 

Radek, 25, became homeless as a teenager after being kicked out of his home and has shared his experience in an episode of the Homelessness Matters podcast. The popular podcast launched in 2022 with Season 1 gaining over 1,300 downloads. Season 2 launched this October on World Homeless Day with two episodes available to stream and further episodes releasing every two weeks until December. 

The podcast shares stories from people who have experienced homelessness. Season 2 goes beyond individual experiences: by also talking to experts, the episodes explore how larger factors in our society can lead to homelessness in the UK. 

Radek, who is currently being supported by Emmaus Salford features in episode one and shares his experience of moving over to the UK at a young age from the Czech Republic. When he came to the UK he lived in cramped conditions with four other families until his mother could secure a place for, he and his siblings to live. Over the years Radek’s relationship with his family deteriorated and he found himself out on the streets as a teen. 

In the episode, Radek describes how he wanted to further his education and become a chef but was unable to achieve this dream as he was homeless.  

“I finished the first year of my course and passed it, there was an option to do level two of the course, but I had to stop as I was homeless.” 

At Emmaus Salford, Radek now has a home for as long as needed, gains work experience in the charity’s two shops in Salford and receives daily support. The Emmaus Salford community is one of 30 across the UK, collectively supporting more than 850 people.  

Joining Radek on the episode is Charlotte Talbott who is Chief Executive of Emmaus UK. Charlotte spoke about how the housing situation in the country is at crisis point, and how people who do manage to access temporary accommodation are living in poor and cramped conditions like Radek was when he first moved to the UK. 

Radek’s episode of the Homelessness Matters podcast was released on 10 October 2023, coinciding with World Homeless Day. The podcast is available on major streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and TuneIn and can also be found at www.emmaus.org.uk/podcast