Emmaus Salford took part in a day of community action on Thursday 1 February as part of a worldwide Uprising of Kindness.

Last week we started off by supporting another homelessness organisation, Salford Loaves and Fishes, by attending their morning service to hand out hot drinks and vouchers for food parcels from our  food bank.

The day of action continued at St James All Souls Parish for a lunch service. At the service,  Father Ian read the words from Abbé Pierre’s celebrated 1954 speech.

70 years ago, France was experiencing a serious housing crisis. It was a freezing winter and thousands of people were sleeping on the streets. Outraged at the situation, Emmaus founder Abbé Pierre launched a radio appeal that sparked a historic public response and prompted the government to finally take action to protect the homeless.

Jackie Smith, Chief Executive of Emmaus Salford said: “Abbe Pierre’s 1954 message remains relevant in 2024 Salford. A neighbouring charity, Loaves and Fishes have grappled with overwhelming demands since December 2023. The housing crisis, reported daily, exacerbates the strain. Without added support, we urge our community to unite in the ‘Uprising of Kindness,’ backing these crucial services helping people in desperate need.

“Meeting the constant challenge, Emmaus Salford works to offer more spaces for the homeless and provide essential food. We are more than our charity shops, whilst these shops provide recycling, training and development opportunities as well as our essential income, we want people to know that our core work is homelessness, providing a home as long as needed, rehabilitation through meaningful and purposeful daily contribution.”

Emmaus Salford and Loaves and Fishes have launched a fundraiser appeal to raise funds to secure support for the two essential services in Salford. Salford Loaves and Fishes operates a daily drop-in centre, offering hot meals and drinks, clothing, toiletries, dental and GP services, and additional support for individuals experiencing homelessness. Emmaus Salford runs Lucie’s Pantry – a social supermarket that serves as a sustainable and affordable resource for food and household essentials, aiding members of the Salford community facing financial hardship.

To donate to the appeal visit: https://emmaus.org.uk/salford/uprising-appeal/