Emmaus Mossley community members have worked together to create a new printed fanzine called ‘News To Me’.

Launching this month, the ‘News To Me’ fanzine includes articles, poetry, photographs and illustrations created by our companions. Emmaus Mossley supports people who have experienced homelessness by providing them with a home, companionship, tailored support and work opportunities.

Michael, one of twelve people who contributed to the ‘News To Me’ fanzine, said: “It was an exciting project to be part of and even though I know about Emmaus, it opened my eyes to see, hear and read about what other companions are interested in. Being involved in the creation of the fanzine has also increased my skills, such as font writing, typography and photography. I can’t wait for us to do another one.”

The first issue of ‘News To Me’ includes articles about life at Emmaus Mossley, poems, photography, a film review, sketches and a soup recipe. It is hoped the fanzine will be enjoyed by all supporters, visitors and fans of our charity, especially those who may not be very active online.

Showcasing our community

While at Emmaus, people are given the opportunity for a fresh start, gaining skills and work experience alongside training and personal development. People who join our community are encouraged to take part in a range of activities to improve their health, wellbeing and connections to others.

Alison Hill, CEO of Emmaus Mossley, said: “I’m extremely proud of everyone who has contributed to the first issue of ‘News To Me’. The fantastic content within the fanzine reflects the diverse range of people who have been a big part of our community over the past year.

“Printed copies are now available to all fans of Emmaus Mossley and we hope it provides our supporters with a little more insight into the talents, interests and personalities of our companions.”

The ‘News To Me’ fanzine is available free of charge from our Secondhand Superstore, open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm. Copies will also be given to people who donate items to our charity, as a thank you for their support.


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