I’m Molly, a volunteer at Emmaus Mossley. I work alongside Andy, the Regional Comms Manager, and we work together to bring the charisma of Emmaus online. I am currently in my final year at university, studying Media Studies. As part of my degree, I am required to gain media-related work experience at a place of my choice.

I chose Emmaus Mossley because, as an existing supporter, I already felt a sense of belonging, and that there would be plenty of room to explore my creative skills, which I didn’t think I would be able to prioritise elsewhere. Therefore, I got in touch with Rachel, the Retail Assistant, which was followed by an interview and (an exclusive behind-the-scenes) tour, took part in some training and started off with the ‘Friday Randoms’ for the Instagram Stories.

I have created content across a range of platforms, including the website page, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. However, I spend most of my time creating TikTok videos, Instagram reels and the weekly ‘Friday Randoms’ on Instagram Stories. Foremost, my intention is to get everyone engaged with Emmaus – whether that be the supporters picking their favourite song in this week’s ’Friday Randoms’, or the companions sharing what their go-to pancake topping is by speaking into a ridiculously tiny microphone.


What do YOU love about Emmaus?💚 We asked the people of Emmaus Mossley to share what they love about Emmaus, whilst holding a teeny-tiny microphone. There are so many things to love about Emmaus, whether it be the home it provides for people, the community spirit, Bear, the bargains… or Emma’s amazing homemade cakes (which would have been my answer)🫶🏻🍰 What do you love the most about Emmaus? Drop us a comment below!💭👇🏻 #emmausmossley #mossley #oldham #greatermanchester #fyp #interview #love #togetherness #companionship #home #coffee #dogfriendly #bargains #valentinesday

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Introducing Bear

You may have spotted me around Emmaus and wondered: ‘does she carry that teddy everywhere?’ Well, I’m afraid the answer is yes. Bear became the mascot of Emmaus after I found him for sale in store and felt sorry for him, as he only had one ear. Since then, he’s become a bit of a cele-bear-ty and is often seen being up to no good on the Emmaus Mossley TikTok and Instagram page. I think Bear, alongside the companions, staff, volunteers and supporters, helps to show Emmaus Mossley as a place filled with fun, friendship and community spirit. Plus, Bear is also the only one small enough to hide in cupboards.

I’m greeted by warmth every Friday when I enter Emmaus – and that’s not just because the heating is on so high. Emmaus has shown me how a workplace can perform like a community, as everyone is so affable, and somehow still willing to get involved with whatever bizarre task I have in mind. One of the greatest challenges is finding enough time to finish the tasks I intend to complete, as there are so many people, I lose track of time chatting with them.

Gaining confidence and experience

Whether it be companions, staff, fellow volunteers, or supporters, I have met people from all walks of life who share a togetherness in Emmaus Mossley. I think my role is to expand this sense of community online too. Meeting such a wide variety of people within a short amount of time has led to me definitely becoming (a bit) less awkward and much more talkative, to most peoples’ dismay. This confidence gain has led me to build new relationships and even dabble in some networking, which has opened doors to potential future projects with other local groups.

Additionally, content creation in general is something I have enjoyed more than I initially expected to, as I previously had no experience using the social media platform TikTok or Canva, a content creation app, both of which I have become very familiar with. The uncertainty of social media means that there will always be challenges ahead, however, this constant shift also means that there are always new opportunities in which I can expand my skill set (even if it did mean having to admit defeat and finally download TikTok).

Juggling study, work, life and volunteering

Alongside my volunteer role at Emmaus, I’m a university student and have part-time job. Balancing a range of responsibilities can often eat away at my time and it’s important that I don’t over-commit, even though I have an abundance of ideas for Emmaus which I wish I could dedicate more of my time and effort towards. I would say I’m an organised person, however, time-management is definitely something I need to work on. Positively, my workload at Emmaus is something I genuinely enjoy completing, and doesn’t quite bear the same unease as a uni assignment does.

For someone whose eyes fill with panic at the dreaded question of “what are you planning after finishing uni?”, Emmaus has definitely shed some light on my future goals. I would love to work for a non-profit organisation as I could share and apply my own personal values to my work life. I also think that working around people, rather than remotely, is important, not only for the social benefits, but because the environment at Emmaus really boosts my motivation and creativity. Whilst I still do not have a definite chosen career path, I think being a volunteer at Emmaus has allowed me to explore a wide variety of skills, which gives me confidence and hope for when I step into the ‘real world’ (cue intense music).

If one thing is for certain, it will be a challenge to eventually have to leave Emmaus. Although I’m reassured that the relationships I have built, the skills I have gained and the experiences I have made will last for a lifetime. That’s not to say that I won’t be visiting – where else can I get a brew for 80p?