Emmaus Mossley has raised £1,933 to support people made homeless and affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

On Friday 18 March, we hosted a Solidarity Sale Day, donating the day’s takings from our Secondhand Superstore. In addition, donations were received from individuals and £300 was allocated from our solidarity fund, making a grand total of £1,933 raised throughout March.

Andy, companion at Emmaus Mossley, said: “I think it’s absolutely horrendous what’s happening in Ukraine. As a community, we’ve carried on the traditions of Abbé Pierre through an act of solidarity to do our bit. If everybody did a little bit, it’d make a big difference in the world.”

The funds raised will be donated to Emmaus Europe and distributed to Emmaus groups in Ukraine, Romania and Poland. These groups are supporting a large increase in people made homeless, refugees and families affected by the crisis.

Alison Hill, Director at Emmaus Mossley, said: “We’re keen to do all we can to support fellow companions and Emmaus groups abroad. The Emmaus groups in Eastern Europe are working tirelessly to help people from Ukraine and the massive increase in people who have been displaced by the conflict. We hope that the funds we have raised, and our show of solidarity, gives strength to those on the frontline of this devasting war.”

Emmaus Mossley supports 26 formerly homeless people by providing them with a home, work, companionship and individual support. Whilst at Emmaus, people are given the opportunity for a fresh start, gaining skills and work experience alongside training and personal development.

Emmaus Mossley is an independent local charity but is connected to a much larger Emmaus movement. We are one of 29 Emmaus communities in the UK and across the world, there are more than 400 Emmaus groups spread across 41 countries. One of the most important parts of the Emmaus ethos is solidarity – helping others in greater need.

If you’re able to do so, please make a donation to support the Emmaus Ukraine Appeal.