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Both staff and companions are getting involved in a series of 2.6 challenges.  Here’s a list of what we’re doing.

Keep your eye on our social media for videos and photos of the different activities.

[twocol_one]Companion 26’ers

  • Richard will play 26 songs on his guitar in an hour
  • Danny and Stuart will both cycle 26 miles on the turbo trainer
  • John J, Blue, Layne, Steve, Jim and Alan will walk 2.6 miles around The Orchard site
  • Joe will walk 26 laps of The Orchard
  • Soraya will create a 2.6 challenge display on the grass using dandelions

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Staff 26’ers

  • Kelly will bake 26 scones to be sold for funds
  • Alex’s daughter Harriet will ride 26 miles in 26 days on her scooter
  • Sue will collect 26 donations from her neighbours
  • Darren will bake 26 cupcakes
  • Alison’s nephew will be trying to beat his time on the 26 sock challenge
  • The Outreach Team (Rosie, Jess, Alison and Pierce) will be walking 26 miles
  • Sally will donate 26 pairs of shoes


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