Bob volunteers with our outreach team and, having been a rough sleeper himself, he’s an invaluable asset.

He suffered from depression, which had lead to spiralling debt and ultimately him facing life on the streets but he now lives independently in his own flat after spending time as a companion at Lockwood Street.

Working with the team, Bob works across Hull and the East Riding, identifying rough sleepers to offer them support and sign post them to further services that they may require.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve undertaken extensive training including maths, English, mental health and safeguarding, amongst many others.

“I’ve also worked with the outreach team, which supports those who are currently sleeping rough. Mental health is rife in the homeless community and there’s still a lot of education required in this area.

“If I had stayed on the streets I’d be dead now. Emmaus have helped me feel worth something again when it felt like no one else wanted to listen.

“My depression is something that will always remain with me but I now have it under control, when it could have been so different.”