On Friday 9th of October from 8pm until 8am students at Trinity Academy slept rough in recognition of World Homeless Day whilst raising money for homeless charity Emmaus Hull & East Riding.

trinity students 2Kelly Thompson General Manager said, “We are really appreciative that Trinity Academy has chosen to support our charity, it is heart-warming as the young people at the school are really keen to not only raise funds but to understand homelessness in their city. We know from our work that there are misconceptions and views as to why people become homeless, by us working closely with the students we are sharing our knowledge and hoping to address some of the many misconceptions. Educating young people on the triggers, the support available, and what’s happening in their local community is an important part of our work. We are looking forward to working with the school and include them in all our new development. My thanks also to the wonderful staff team who supported this event, sleeping rough in their own time and making the evening both informative and safe!”

Trinity Academy responded to a whole city plea for support earlier in the year from Emmaus Hull & East Riding. The school has since continued to show a vast amount of interest in both raising awareness of homelessness, and supporting the Charity!