I first found out about the Emmaus charity and what it does about 2 years ago through a project Aunt Bessie’s was doing with them. Two weeks before that event I’d been in the town centre and had seen the amount of homeless around and thought ‘this has become a real issue that people just seem to be avoiding’.

What really grabbed me and made me really want to get behind this charity, other than the lovely and amazing people that help make it work, is there is an end goal. Removing the stigma of homelessness and providing people who want the help with some where safe to sleep, and the tools and skills they need to better them self’s. with the end goal helping them back in the community and to give back.

While I personally don’t have a lot of spare money with having a young family, what I do have is time and I give this where possible to help the guys where ever I can, whether that be helping the guys gain skills and confidence working with me and the team or going in to the community to deliver food and meeting and speaking to the guys about what there is work wise for them to look at, even ideas to do for lunches. Aunt Bessie’s staff are very supportive of the charity and I regularly have people asking me what the charity do and why I’m so passionate about it. Which helps them get on board and spreads the good work they do.

We are very happy and proud to support Emmaus here at Aunt Bessie’s and while I work here I will push for us to continue to support.