Emmaus Hull & East Riding is asking people in the local community to think twice before throwing away unwanted items, and instead bring them to Emmaus where they could be reused or recycled to raise money for the charity.

Recycling isn’t just about separating out your weekly rubbish collections; many different materials can be rescued from landfill and put to good use. Last year, Emmaus saved more than 3,000 tonnes of waste from going to landfill.

Many people are still unsure about what they can donate to charity, not wanting to give things that are unhelpful. However, it can be surprising what charities can reuse or recycle, so this Recycle Week Emmaus Hull & East Riding is asking for the following items to be donated:

  • Furniture – Have you got a piece of old furniture that’s been loved a bit too much, or that seems too worn to donate? Well, think again. Emmaus can take battered furniture and restore or upcycle it, giving it a new lease of life. This doesn’t work with flat pack, and upholstered items have to have a fire label by law, but many other items can be restored into something beautiful again.
  • Electrical items – Because some charity shops can’t accept electrical items, many people wrongly believe they can’t be donated, but they can. Most Emmaus communities will accept working electrical goods, that they will PAT test for safety before selling them on. Some shops can even accept broken items, which are then stripped down for scrap. Check with your local Emmaus to see what they can accept.
  • Crockery or cutlery – Some people aim for a vintage or mismatched look at their weddings and celebration event. Just because you do not have the complete set doesn’t mean we can’t use it. Our community in Brighton & Hove also makes wonderful garden planters with old colanders, teapots and other household items.
  • Clothing and bedding – Even if you think your clothes have seen better days, they can have value for a charity as they can sell them to textile recycling firms. Those that can’t be used are made into things like industrial cleaning rags, or stuffing for cushions or mattresses. Just make sure your donations are clean before donating them.
  • Shoes – There is demand for second-hand shoes both in the UK and overseas. You might think your shoes are a bit tatty, but they could be just what someone needs and it’s better they’re donated, than sent to landfill.

Emmaus provides a home and meaningful work to more than 750 formerly homeless people, known as companions. Its social enterprises depend on donations from the public to generate the money that supports the companions who live in Emmaus communities. Kelly Thompson Director said: “Your junk may well be our treasure!  Please think about local charities when clearing out and replacing items in your home.  We do positively impact waste tonnage and reduce landfill here in Hull & the East Riding and would urge you to get behind our work, our Furniture Super Store on Lockwood Street in Hull is one of the biggest furniture recycling shops in Hull & East Riding, if you haven’t visited us yet be sure to visit soon and see first-hand recycling at its best”.