[quote]just want to say a huge thank you, to the Emmaus Hull staff team, they are amazing and couldn’t have done it without them.[/quote]

During my life I have many up’s and down’s, I am proud that I was a manager for Iceland for 3 years, where I met my friend and then we started sharing a flat together, which then I left Iceland to work for Yodel which there I was a Multi Drop delivery driver, one week before Christmas of last year, he decided to kick me out of the flat with no explanation why, so their I became homeless, which then I presented my life at the local council.

Which then they decided to place me in a hotel which was located in Hull, which I only 15 minutes away from Emmaus, the hotel I was staying was very bad, when I started to go the Asperger’s Syndrome club which is near the train station in hull, I did some research about Hull, and Emmaus came up, once I looked at Emmaus Hull online I then went to my Citizen’s Advice worker and he helped me complete process to join the Emmaus community in Hull.

After my worker contacted the Emmaus in Hull, they arranged me to meet with Kelly and Caroline, which then I attended the meeting and got to know them a little bit, after the meeting Kelly and Caroline arranged me to do a 3 day taster, which involved me working in the community at their wonderful superstore, I found the taster very welcoming and got to know more about Emmaus and what they could offer me and also met some wonderful companions.

Emmaus Hull is a wonderful place and the staff are amazing and they will do anything to help you if they can, they have given me more confidence in myself as my confidence when I joined Emmaus was very low, I have gained more independence to live independently, leaning how to manage money, look after yourself, how to cook by learning to cook in the kitchen, also learning how to work as part of a team again, Emmaus Hull has changed my life and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t of known what to do without them.

Being with Emmaus Hull now for 9 month’s, I have learnt more about myself, learning new skills and excellent training provided by Emmaus to prepare you going back into work.

I am now moving into a Riverside property which is a flat which is based in Hull, which is only 10 minutes away from Emmaus, I will be coming back to do more training, and volunteering.

Again, just want to say a huge thank you, to the Emmaus Hull staff team, they are amazing and couldn’t have done it without them.