David came from a loving family who tried everything they could to keep him safe and out of trouble. As many teenagers do and David did, the influences of his friends and piers which led David to have his first conviction was when he was only 13, this was for various types of theft. At the age of 14 David was sentenced to 4 months in prison. David became a prolific offender and was in and out of prison until he was 20.

David met his ex-partner and when he was released they moved to Sheffield for a new start and got a job and had 2 girls called Chloe and Lillie, David was enjoying his family life. Whilst David lived in Sheffield he bumped into some of his old friend from prison and he started taking heroin again when he was 25, which he then got addicted but was able to keep if from his partner at the time for 3 years. When she found out about the heroin she still gave David lots of chances. David’s words “I chose heroin” This split the family up, and at 30 years old David went back to Rotherham to live with his parents and spent the next 5 years I and out of prison for theft and drug offences.  Probation went to visit David whilst he was in prison and told him about Emmaus and what it had to offer.

On David’s release he lived in Emmaus Burnley and Emmaus Preston for a short period and then went into bed and breakfast in Rotherham as he thought that he was ready to move back to where he was brought up, but he wasn’t. David wanted a fresh start and to try and keep away from his old life around drugs, theft and been near in Rotherham wasn’t going to give him that. David finally got his fresh start and was supported by Rotherham Offender Management Unit. Who brought him to Emmaus Hull 23rd March this year.

The last time David came out of prison was June 2018 and has not offended for over 3 years prior to this. David is now looking forward to gaining new skills and eventually get a job and a new home, and to try and reconnect with his daughters that he dearly misses.