I first came to Emmaus in September 2016 after a patch of excessive drug taking that resulted in me being in massive debt.

When i arrived i was met by people who were judgement free and who only wanted to help me. . Emmaus arranged a work placement for me with Aunt Bessies in their New Product Development Department for 6 weeks which resulted in me gaining a full time apprenticeship in their Ferguson Fawcett Arms restaurant.

Emmaus also supported my pet dog Simba living in the community and helped him find a new home.

The staff at Emmaus have helped me more than anybody ever has, to the point now where i am in full time employment training to be a chef.

My path at Emmaus has not always been smooth, there has been a few problems, but with the staff and fellow companions help and guidance i have always pulled myself back around.

I have met some of my best friends here, friends i will probably have for life now.

This place has given me the motivation, opportunity and support i needed to realise where i wanted to go in life.

The staff have all worked extremely hard to get me where i am in my job, through contacts they have.

I owe my life to Emmaus and can never thank them enough