On 26TH September 2017, Jason went into a day centre in Brighton to ask for help. They supported Jason’s move into Emmaus Hull as a companion the same day.  He had previously lived in a travelling community all his life. Over the years Jason moved around and had an interesting childhood. From a young adult Jason gambled a lot and at 45 years old he wanted to change his life around and have a fresh start.

Jason found it hard when he first came into Emmaus as he wasn’t used to routine or the stability of living in a house and not travelling around. Jason started to enjoy having a purpose and keeping busy with the voluntary work at Emmaus.

Jason has come into his own and has undertaken a lot of training offered by Emmaus such as Buddy training, Fire Marshall, First-Aid, Customer service, Key-holder, Warehouse & Storage NVQ level 2. J He has recently finished a work placement at Hull maintenance and really enjoyed it.

Jason has certainly turned his life around and is now moving on to new pastures with a  Painting and Decorating job and he is also moving in with his new partner.

Quote from Jason:

[quote]Big thank-you for all your help getting my life back on track”[/quote]