I became homeless back in 2012, when I left my family home.  I was causing lots of problems for my family and chose to leave to stop hurting them. I first moved into a hostel when I was eighteen and since then I’ve constantly been in a hostel or sleeping rough on the streets. I also started using legal highs to numb myself from the reality that I was living. I was a mess in need of help.

That all changed when I came to Emmaus Hull and East Riding, they took a chance on me and they have helped me get off drugs, gave me a roof over my head, they have given me training and opportunities to better myself, I have never received so much support and praise from anywhere else apart from here in Emmaus. I can now work a shop till, I have engaged with customers and improved my confidence and communication skills, I have passed courses whilst I have been here such as my Level 2 food hygiene, NVQ Level 2 Warehouse and Storage, I’m currently doing a bike mechanic course which I really enjoy doing and it has made me think of doing it as a career. Emmaus have also helped me get back talking to my family who I’ve missed so much

I’ve never felt happier since coming to Emmaus, I’ve met some great people since being here. I have received so much support from the staff and companions at Emmaus, They have helped me through so much and it makes me feel so much happier knowing I’ve got people here who care.

To be honest I’m not sure what my future may bring. What I hope is for a full time job, my own place to call my home and to hopefully move back to Beverley, which is where I’m from. I’m more confident that It could happen someday, but if it doesn’t It wouldn’t upset me because to be honest I love being here at Emmaus. What I most like about being here at Emmaus, to be honest I can’t choose one individual thing I like because there’s so much I like from being here, The staff and companions here are amazing people, the training and work is so much fun and I love being part of something like this. I will forever be grateful that a place like Emmaus exists and I will always be grateful that I was took in by the place. I’m proud of myself for what I’ve achieved since being here and just hope that it will continue.