Hello, a lot of you will know me by the name Bisi.

I have lived in Hull many years as a lot of you will know, I was rough sleeping for around 14 years.

I am originally from Nigeria and cannot remember when I originally came to Hull.

I have had many issues along my journey and faced many dark nights when I was rough sleeping.

There are a lot of lovely people in Hull who have become my friends and have looked out for me along my way,

Many of who I still see daily on my travels around the city centre.

I first came to Emmaus through the outreach team around the end of 2016, I have not felt safe enough to fully trust people but the outreach team and the staff at Emmaus let me go at my own pace and didn’t push or ask questions.

I started to come and have some meals at first, then I started to stay on the sofa and had some nice sleep.

Then on the 01.01.2017 they offered me my own room!!!.

Which I said yes to, this is the first place in around 15 years I have been able to call home and felt safe and happy.

I still go out walking daily and see some of my friends, I know a lot of people still ask about me if they haven’t seen me in a while but I want everyone to know I am happy!!! And Emmaus have given me that security that I have not had in a long time.

So if you see me around the city centre please stop and say hello 😊