My name is Alan,

I came to Emmaus in January 2017. I had never even heard of it and couldn’t even spell it, as the staff at Emmaus Hull and East Riding will confirm.

When I first arrived I was at the high end of the depression scale and couldn’t see any way out of it. I was at the lowest point of my life. I was like that for the first couple of weeks. Slowly, after a couple of sessions with the support workers and other staff members, Kelly Thompson, Alex Slater, Kelly Louise Meacock & Caroline Russell, I gradually started to come back out of my shell. The other companions were a large part of this process too. I wish I could name them all but I would get writer’s cramp.

Emmaus Hull and East Riding along with Emmaus UK have done a lot for me, they paid for me to switch my Irish driving licence to a UK one, they have put me through various courses and, most recently, the staff at Emmaus Hull, applied to Emmaus UK for the fees to do the E.C.D.L  V6 Level 1 & 2. When I first asked to do the course I never really expected a positive result for the fees because it is by no means a cheap course. I was extremely happy when it was agreed.

I passed the course in December, which I am extremely thankful for, otherwise I know at least one of the staff would have kicked my butt. It’s ok Alex I won’t mention any names. A couple of weeks after passing the course I got a job offer and started work after the new year. I am now in the move on process and am still getting all the support I need, help with finding a flat etc.

I haved really enjoyed my time at Emmaus and cannot thank the staff and fellow companions enough for all the help and advice they have given me during my time here.

Thanks so much guys, and in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’LL BE BACK ( not permanently though 🙂