Emmaus UK launches Gaming for Emmaus Week, highlighting a fun and accessible way in which people can support the charity’s work. 

From 21 – 27 August, Emmaus UK is encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get involved in Gaming for Emmaus Week. Gaming is fast emerging a way to support charities, without having to run a marathon or organise a coffee morning. Instead, supporters can help out their chosen charity from the comfort of their home, while taking part in an activity they enjoy. People can take part individually or with a family and friends, making it a social and fun event. 

To support gamers, Emmaus UK has released a Gaming and Streaming guide, full of hints and tips to get the most out of your fundraising. 

How does gaming for Emmaus work?

The rise of livestreaming, combined with the popularity and appeal of video games has opened up fundraising to a wider range of people. Gamers raise money for charity by livestreaming themselves playing video games and asking for donations. This allows people of all ages and abilities to start collecting money for their favourite charity.  

There are many ways that gamers can take part. You could hold a 24-hour (or longer…) marathon or challenge friends and family to an online tournament. Schools, groups, and workplaces can hold in-person gaming events, with participants making a donation to take part. Livestreaming opens up the fundraiser to more people, with experienced gamers able to draw on support from their online communities. 

How do I get involved?

Gaming for Emmaus Week graphic: How your donations help. £25 could pay for ten hot meals £50 could pay for two support sessions £250 could pay for a work-related training courseTo take part, go to Emmaus UK’s Gaming and Streaming page, where you will find more information and resources. 

All funds raised will support Emmaus’s work with people experiencing homelessness, poverty and social exclusion, who are rebuilding their lives at Emmaus communities around the UK. 

Emmaus supports formerly homeless people by giving them a home, meaningful work in a social enterprise and an opportunity to get themselves back on their feet again. 

Emmaus communities provide a home for as long as someone needs it. For many, this support and stability is like the family they don’t have, providing a safe environment in which to settle and re-build their lives. Often this is an opportunity to overcome issues such as addiction, get support with mental health issues or rebuild relationships with estranged family. Find out more about our work.

Start playing now

Visit our Gaming and Streaming page to find out how to take part.

If you have any questions about gaming or other fundraising, please contact [email protected].