At Emmaus we are committed to transparent and honest fundraising and work hard to meet the highest possible standards. We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and adhere to The Code of Fundraising Practice.

Contacting our donors

We are committed to showing our donors how their donations make a difference and the real impact that our work is having as a result. From time to time we may contact donors by post to explain how they can support our work further. There is the option to opt out of these mailings at any time.

We don’t use techniques such as telemarketing or door-to-door collections and work hard to ensure our fundraising work is unobtrusive and appropriate for our supporters.

Protecting your data

We will never sell donor information to any third parties and will do our best to keep contact details up to date and accurate. If you tell us that you no longer want to hear from us we will comply with your request as soon as possible.

Vulnerable people

In the event that we receive a request to stop contacting a donor who is deemed to be vulnerable, we will remove their details from our mailing list immediately. If the person has been sent a mailing as a result of a mailing to a list from a third party, we will provide advice on how to have that person’s details removed from the list owner’s mailing records, or contact the list owner on their behalf to ask that they be removed.

We will never accept a donation from someone we believe to be vulnerable and not in an informed position to make a decision about their donation.

Feedback and complaints

We want to hear from you and find out what you think, good or bad. If you have a concern or complaint about something we’ve done please let us know. All complaints are taken seriously and dealt with in line with Emmaus UK’s Complaints Procedure.

Feel free to contact us at any time on [email protected] or call 0300 303 7555.